Board of Directors

Sam Ott - President

Music has been a big part of Sam’s life having been involved early in life with his church choir, high school vocal ensemble, chorus group and briefly with high school band. Currently Sam performs as ½ of the Safe Harbor duo and is one of the founding members of the BrushFire Band.

David Koronet - Social Media

Max Honn - Secretary

Max started playing folk and popular music in his late teens and has developed an interest in many genres of music. He has been playing publicly in the Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia area since 2007. He writes songs and enjoys playing obscure songs from folk, pop, blues and country genres. He also plays mandolin with friends who play Celtic and Old Time music.

Dori Bailin - Organizer

My philosophy of life is dogs and music will cure your ills. If you’re still not feeling perfect add chocolate!

Donald Barber - Newsletter, Website

Hank Kobrinski - Scholarships, Workshops

Dave Ott - Treasurer

The Board meets monthly, non-board members are welcome. Currently our meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM at Lough Memorials, 500 S.Market St., Frederick, MD