Do you know a young musician that needs a mentor or a place to “play out”? Do you have a great idea for a F.A.M.E.-endorsed activity, a suggestion for a new performance venue to cultivate or a fund-raising plan? Bring it! Here are the steps to follow to make your idea a reality:

  1. Conceive a great idea. For example, is there an acoustic performer that you would like to see F.A.M.E. feature in concert for the community or a venue that is centrally-located that would be just the right size for a showcase of F.A.M.E. performers?
  2. Investigate the possibilities. Get dates when the performer you like is available. Find out how much he charges and whether he’s going to be in the region any time soon. For the venue, check availability and price, as well as amenities provided and get contact information.
  3. Outline your plan and email it to the Board ( for consideration at the next meeting. This can be short and informal, no special format, just providing the facts. Advise if you will be available to discuss.
  4. Take ownership of your plan. State if you would be willing to see the idea through to completion. If it’s a concert, for instance, are you willing to be the contact person and organizer? If it’s a new open mic, can you host or co-host?

The Board is here to support your endeavor if you need assistance or are not sure how to proceed with an activity. There are currently eight Board Members and ten times that many members. How effective could we be if even half our members take an active part in furthering our goals?!

F.A.M.E. is as useful and relevant to the community as we make it today. I urge you to consider getting involved. We are all F.A.M.E. together – let’s make a difference!

Fran Tucker

Events Coordinator

June 2012