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Elk Run Winery – July 4

F.A.M.E. member Avery Powers is 17 years old and has been writing songs for almost 10 years. She has been playing piano since she was 7 and recently started teaching herself guitar. You can find more of her music on YouTube or at, which focuses on using original songs for mental health awareness. In the fall, Avery will be starting college at Northwestern University in Chicago.


F.A.M.E. member Ed Haser is a “vintage” finger style guitarist, mostly learned from the playing of the artists of the 1950s/1960s folk revival, i.e., an “old folkie”, with some classical techniques mixed in. The songs he plays are an eclectic collection of music from the 1920s through today that he finds interesting/fun to finger-pick.
John Barrick, a new member of F.A.M.E.,  plays acoustic guitar covers (with a lack of finesse) in bars. In fact sometimes it’s BarBārrick!
F.A.M.E. member Joe Ginorio – Singer / Songwriter – composes what he calls Easy Listening – Folk.Americana. His music is about reflecting on events in his life such as walking 450 miles on the Camino de Santiago, Finding Your Truth, Sensing peace in the falling rain, and honoring our mothers.
Joe has produced an EP of 5 songs found on his website.
F.A.M.E. Member Stephen Darnell is a spiritual and passionate composer and performer of the Native American-style flute, Irish Whistle, Didgeridoo, and other world instruments, whose music is a place of peace, a place of rest, and a place for coming home.

Serendipity July 2

Tommy Byrne

Tom R

Terance Auleta

Samuel M

Nina Lapko

Michael F

John Durant

Joe Ginorio

Jacob B

April Sandi

Serendipity – June

Tommy and Shane Byrne

Miles from Earth

Jacob B

Rockwell Brewery – June

Ryan Franco

George Carroll

Ed Haser

Joe Ginorio

Sky Stage – June

Jim Rose & ??

Dave Mott, Diane Bunch &Kerry Witner



 Michael Grimley and Evan Delsack


Terance Auleta

 Talia Ramey


April Sandi

John Durant – The Anvil 04/30/21

Safe Harbor – Worman’s Mill 05/01/21

Song Circle Zoom Session – February 13th


Beans In The Belfrey – January 18th

Willie Barry and The Chaperones with FAME member Tomy Wright on the drums

Dublin Roasters – February

In February the Song Circle gang celebrated the 8th anniversary of Song Circles at Dublin Roasters

Catoctin Breeze Winery – June 6th

John Durant at the Winery

Elk Run Winery June 2nd

Michelle Swan & friends Jillian Matundun, Kathleen Huber, and Valerie Stewart at the Elk Run Winery on June 2nd

Worman’s Mill Town Square – September

The Beautiful Gazebo Stage

Gary Brown (Without The Gang)

FAME President Sam Ott & Katherine (Safe Harbor)

        Michael Schirf


FSK Mall Holiday Show – Dec 7th

       John Durant

Mike and Shawna Taylor

       Maya Nicole

Sudents With FAME Donated Ukeleles

Dan & Sassy Mack

     Pat & Mark

Barry Bryan, Steve Warner – Sept FAME Picnic 

FAME Donated Ukes at Sept Maryland Folk Festival

Sunday Songwriter’s Open Stage Oct 29

FAME Donated Ukes at School Concert Nov 21

Mike Schirf Frederick Coffee Co & Cafe Nov 22


Maryland Folk Festival – November 18

Bill Paxton & The Don Juans

         The Hazards

              Rick Hill

               Bill Hall

        Michelle Swan

        Heather Lloyd

           Tom Kohlhepp

Don Henry & Tom Paxton


Frederick Community College – October 9

Announcer Tom Kohlhepp

            Rick Hill

        Cecilia & Grace

     Cumberland Valley

        Michelle Swan

          Brian Derek

      Dan Boudreaux

          Scott Barrett