As part of our mission to nurture acoustic music in and around Frederick County, F.A.M.E. has set up a scholarship fund.  10% of your membership fees goes to support this fund as well as money from workshops and other events. At the moment, we have $2,000 in the Scholarship Fund.

There are two kinds of scholarship available.  One is to fund lessons, the other is to fund an educational (college, workshops, camps, etc) experience.


This fund is intended for economically disadvantaged students who have a passion for learning an instrument.  A referral from an instructor is necessary.  A maximum of $250 per student is available.  Students will be expected to present a short performance at the Annual Members’ Picnic.


  1. This scholarship is designed to fund a learning experience.
  2. Preference will be given to F.A.M.E members.       Member activity level will also be part of the consideration.
  3. The applicant must use the scholarship for an activity or project that meets the goals of F.A.M.E.
  4. The applicant must provide the following:
  • The completed scholarship application.
  • An interview; audio, video or personal, explaining the project,  how  it will help the applicant in light of the goals of F.A.M.E. and how the applicant will use the skills/information learned to benefit the acoustic music community.
  1. The recipient of the scholarship must return to give a workshop related to their project.
  2. The recipient must give a report at the F.A.M.E. annual meeting (written or oral).
  3. Deadline for filing is March 31st.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will make their decision by April 30th.

Download the Scholarship Form, fill it out and mail it to

FAME, 5181 Holter Road, Jefferson, MD 21755