Hi folks! A bit of conversation between a couple of Board members (Karen Fetters and Ron Goad) regarding Loralyn Coles and evolving into some helpful suggestions about CD artwork and such.

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I could tell she is a real sweetheart. I sat with her while we were putting mailing labels on the MASC brochure.I explained that I was a newbie to F.A.M.E. and wanted to learn all I could about the music world. She was so gracious and willing to share with me valuable tips that she has learned over the years. For instance, I didn’t know that you need to take the shrink wrap off a CD before you send it to a DJ.

She also gave me some websites to check out for more information. Her background and experience she shared with me overwhelmed me, and I hope she becomes my friend also. What a sweet person and valuable resource.

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That’s a great helpful hint Loralyn gave you about the shrink wrap.

We’ve attended seminars where we’ve spent money to learn such tidbits…..radio people have made it clear that little things…pet peeves, I suppose, such as that can impede them at the moment when they are, for instance, driving along and have a minute to listen to a CD.

It’s ironic, considering that it’s so cool to have your own CD with a bar code, shrink wrap…very professional.

Similarly, another mentor of mine, the great Mary Cliff and others got me onto my crusade about CD covers. She likes to see the name and face of the musicians. So do I. I didn’t get it before.

As I went through my collection some years ago, it hit me that a lot of people who spend thousands on a CD will blow it bigtime by putting something ambiguous (or downright misleading) on the cover. It may be modest and artsy, but it’s not going to work as well in terms of networking if it’s not informative.

I have DOZENS of CD’s with TREES on the cover—INSTEAD of the name and/or face of the recording artist…. not even great trees…just a “friend with a camera” who took a picture of trees….Most of you have already heard my thoughts about that…not that there’s anything wrong with Druids. Look through your CD’s and I’ll bet you’ll find some too…then try to remember who and what’s inside the cover.